October 2014 - Fireside Wrap-up:

Fireside Chat With Chris

This year brought a bevy of changes to my team (both sponsor and otherwise), but despite the tumult, I have emerged faster, craftier, and sassier than ever.

In 2013, my season was met with an unfortunate spate of setbacks: injury, recurring sickness, and a schedule that left little time for training, but too much time for rushed racing. This year, I have taken a more patient approach to my calendar and my training. With far fewer sponsors this year, I was free to focus on races that suited my strengths, pursue my passions, and break out of the tiny confines that usually restrict a professional triathlete. A huge “thank you” to my sponsors, supporters, friends, and family that have allowed me to both be free and still grip it and rip it.

And with all of soul-searching and self-expression out the way, howsabout that season??

The 2014 racing season began with an early trip down to New Orleans in March, where I secured a 4th place finish in a strong field despite a heavy training load. There were Hurricanes post-race (drinks, not natural disasters)...

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March 2014 - Profile Design Ad Runs:

Profile Design, one of Chris' sponsors, ran a full spread ad featuring Chris in the Spring 2014 issue of Triathlete Magazine (2014 Buyer's Guide):

Profile Ad

November 2013 - Interesting 2013 Season Facts:

- I traveled over 70,000mi. for races. That's roughly three times around the circumference of the earth.
- I packed my bike 30 times.
- I spent 77 days traveling or competing in races. Over eight months.
- I traveled to 32 cities (including stop-overs) and three countries.
- At the end of the season, I had competed in 16 triathlons, including four podiums and 12 top ten finishes.

2013 Highlights:

- 1st place FAST Triathlon Brazil (part of the first team to defeat Brazil in seven years)
- 1st place Redondo Beach Triathlon
- 2nd place Rev3 Knoxville Triathlon
- 2nd place San Diego International Triathlon
- 4th place Herbalife LA Triathlon
- 5th place Lifetime Fitness Minneapolis Triathlon
- 5th place Rev3 Maine Triathlon
- 6th place St. Anthony's Triathlon
- Fastest run split at five races.

April 2013 - Rock Deoderant Ad Runs:

An ad for Rock Deoderant featuring Chris' stanky pits has been published in the February 2013 issue of Men's Fitness and the April 2013 issue of Playboy Magazine:

Mens Fitness/Playboy Ad


  June, 2012 - Catching up with Mr. Foster, A Year In Retrospect: What Has He Been Up To?

Chris Foster Racing Media Machine: Thanks for sitting down with us, you've been a virtual ghost since that wacky news update almost 15 months ago. There were rumors of your death.

Chris: Is that a question?

CFRMM: No, good eye though. So onto the real questions--you did have some crazy things happen to you last year. Could you list them?

Chris: I'd rather not, that would be boring.

CFRMM: We had heard you cut your foot open pretty badly at St. Anthony's. Could you tell us a little about that?

...to read the full interview click here.

January, 2011 - Launching Truth-Cannons at the Slowtwitch Reader Ship

Chris bares his heart and soul in a recent interview with Slowtwitch.com. In the article, Chris reveals his true passions (antique shopping, shoe shopping, grocery shopping), his pet peeves (antiques, shoes, groceries), and spreads rumors about Craig Mottram and Prefontaine. Also check out some rare and candid shots of Chris courtesy of the CFRMM (Chris Foster Racing Media Machine).

August, 2010 - Great Shot in This Month's Inside Triathlon

In the Sept./Oct. issue of Inside Triathlon (p. 28-29), Chris is front-and-center in a great two-page spread from the Hy-Vee Triathlon by photographer Paul Phillips. Notice the precise positioning of Chris' bike, wheels, and sponsor logos! What a true pro.

No question Chris loves his sponsors--even in the heat of battle he's looking for that photo op!


August, 2010 - Tropical Temps and Cool Competition in Chicago

Taking a vacation from the cool summer of Southern California, Chris pointed his bike towards Chicago to race in the Lifetime Fitness Chicago Triathlon. Competition included two former Olympians, the winner of St. Anthony's, six members of various US National Teams, and assorted 70.3 winners. With temperatures creeping into the high 90s and competitors dropping like flies, Chris was able to gut it out in the heat and finish 5th overall--his highest finish ever in a Lifetime Series event!

Shortly after, Chris finished 1st in a nacho, buffalo wing, and rueben eating contest with himself--for his efforts, he took home the honored MDPiC (Most Disgusting Person in Chicago) prize. Congrats Chris.

Below are some quick shots from the swim leg:

Chris coming out ahead of Matty Reed in a strong swim--camera guy on the left looking right past Chris...

The swim pack fighting it out--lifeguards looking concerned.

July, 2010 - Interview with Daily Triathlon

Chris recently "sat down" with Daily Triathlon to spill his guts, gossip, and blame the goverment for his bad races. Not really, but still worth taking a look at to get inside the head of a triathlon folk hero/wandering minstrel. Check it out here!


July, 2010 - Featured in Triathlon Life Magazine

In this quarter's issue of Triathlon Life--the official magazine of USA Triathlon--Chris was featured in their "Essential Gear" section. The editors chose to highlight some of Chris' favorite pieces of equipment including 2XU Elite Compression Tights, New Performance Nutrition's Supercharge drink, and Freestyle's Shark watch. Sadly the editors left out Chris' two other choices for essential gear: burritos and shoelaces. There's always next month.

Please click here for the press clipping from Triathlon Life (sent out to every one of USA Triathlon's 133,000 members quarterly) as it is a bit large.

June, 2010 - Big Month of Racing

As the (northern hemisphere) season starts to finally kick into full swing, Chris set out to top his exotic travels with races in Des Moines, Iowa and San Diego. Despite not having the "glamour" of, say Australia, Argentina, Korea, or Chile, the world came to the US for some crazy fast racing at the Hy-Vee Triathlon and the sport's biggest prize purse. $200,000 would go to the first man across the line in Des Moines, and everyone had dollar signs in their eyes. Chris had a tough swim, but rallied with another characteristically fast bike leg (on his favorite bike, a Felt AR1) and spent some more time on the front getting some great TV time. He finished the day with a tough run and ended up 19th overall, but second American in a stacked field--beating some big names in the process!

After readjusting to the culture shock of Des Moines, Chris returned to his "home race" at the San Diego International Triathlon for his fourth consecutive victory and a giant (in physical size, not necessarily in amount) paycheck. Below are some pictures courtesy of the Chris Foster Racing Media Machine (CFRMM):

Chris caught in the act of stealing someone's bike--you better lock that Felt DA up, sucker!

He likes him them big checks.

May, 2010 - Another Solid Result in Korea

In early May, Chris traveled back over the Pacific to race in Seoul, South Korea. He weathered the tough travel conditions and questionable culinary delicacies to again bridge his way up to the front pack and have a strong finish in a stacked field. Despite having to swim in the freezing (and borderline toxic) Han River, Chris was able to ride the fastest bike split of the day, finishing in 27th place overall and also securing the top ranking for the bike segment of the WCS! This finish moves Chris up to 3rd American and 21st overall in the world! Below are some pictures courtesy of the Militant Korean Wing of the Chris Foster Racing Media Machine (MKWCFRMM):

Chris again leading the bike (Thinking, "No crashes, no crashes, no crashes").

Running hard and thinking about Dextro Energy.

April, 2010 - Chris Crashes Onto The Big Stage!

After a three week camp in Australia with some of his fellow Project 2012 teammates, Chris raced in his first World Championship Series event in Sydney. Despite being his first race on the competitive international scene, Chris was able to ride his way to the front, through the main pack, crash, get back on his bike, and still finish 14th overall! This placing gave Chris a huge boost in rankings putting him in the top 30 in the world for ITU points and 14th on the ITU World Championship Series List. Not only that, but his antics at the front of the field gave Chris a solid amount of international TV time that defintely had some commentators shuffling through thier notes! Below are a few pictures from the Sydney race courtest of Brandon Bailey of DailyTriathlon.com.

Chris leading the chase group (coincidentally at the same spot where he would later crash).

Knuckles bloodied and running like a crazy person.

March 6, 2010 - Chris Spells His Way to The Top

Chris' borderline OCD and unflinching ability to nitpick at people's grammar finally paid off and earned him a mention in the Fitness Magazine blog "The Audacity To Tri". Definitely a great blog about getting to the starting line of one's first tri--check it out! Triathalon sure is an awsome sport!

February 28, 2010 - Desert Rain Unable to Thwart Chris

After so many races in South America, Chris was becoming concerned that he could "no longer race in English", so he packed up the station wagon and drove to Phoenix to prove his American-ness was still strong.

Despite having to race in super cold (for Phoenix) and drenching rain (for Phoenix), Chris was able to win the 2010 Desert Classic Duathlon from wire to wire, just missing the course record (non-rain aided) by 15 seconds. This marks the second straight year that Chris has won the race, and the first time he has run in rain and sub-60 degree weather since college (not really).

The race was covered by Slowtwich and InsideTri Magazine.

Below are some shots courtesy of the CFRMM (Chris Foster Racing Media Machine), but what they can't capture is that he is in fact racing entirely in English.

The water on his uniform is actually tears (from the cold).

Chris is so cold, he's actually riding backwards in this picture (hard to tell from this angle) to keep his face warm.

Media feeding frenzy (note the paparazzo in the lower left).

Impromptu freestyle session--Chris dropping truthbombs on the unsuspecting crowd.

February 10, 2010 - Number One in Pan America!!

All of Chris' globe-trotting and Spanish-speaking paid off in a big way when he was recently ranked number one on the Pan American (PATCO) ITU Points List. This is a huge honor as the ITU PATCO Points List ranks athletes from Canada, United States, Central and South America (and maybe Antarctica?). A link to the February 10 version of the points list is here.

February, 2010 - One More In Ecuador

After some great early season racing in South America, Chris figured he'd push his luck and go for one more in Salinas, Ecuador. In some early season drama, Chris needed a few more ITU points to secure his spot on the US team heading to Australia in March.

Despite feeling a bit tired from all the racing, Chris decided his Spanish was the best it had ever been, and wanted to give arguing at the airport (a favorite South American pasttime) another try.

He faced a different group of triathletes (and cab drivers) in Ecuador and was able to rally through slick conditions and a flat tire to run his way into 6th place. His placing not only ensured him a spot on the team to Australia, but also a major boost in rankings. As of February 8, Chris is now ranked 32nd in the world and 3rd American on the ITU Points List!!

Now if only they had rankings for haggling in South America...

January, 2010 - Chris Makes The USAT 2016 Olympic Development Team

Due in part to some of Chris' early season races, USAT has named Chris to their 2016 Development Squad! This is a huge honor for Chris--and at the same time he still thinks he'd like to first see London in 2012...

January, 2010 - Early Season Shenanigans

While much of the United States was buried in snow this winter, Chris was burying himself in competition--racing in Chile and Argentina!

Chris opened his season on January 10 with an ITU race in Viña Del Mar, Chile. With a strong European and (obviously) South American contingent, he was able to come out of the water in a solid position and move up throughout the day. When all was said and done, Chris walked away with 4th place and some valuable ITU points.

After Chile, Chris had intended to race in Brazil at the FAST Triathlon--a sprint format team race. Unfortunately, one of Chris' teammates bailed, and he was stuck in Chile with no race to run. Always one to look for races wherever he can find them (even if it means racing bums for pocket change), Chris made the last-minute decision to make the long journey to Argentina. After a long downriver swim, and an aggressive bike, the race came down to a two way duel for 2nd with an athlete from Japan on the run. Chris pulled away in the final half mile to improve on his placing in Chile and come in 2nd in a strong group of similarly travel-weary athletes.

Chris' results in Chile and Argentina have now placed him 48th in the world and 5th American on the ITU Points List. Hip hip horay!

Below are some pictures from the action in the Southern Hemisphere.

Podium in Viña Del Mar, Chile (Chris in boardshorts...).

The start of the race in La Paz, Argentina (Chris getting shoved, second from right...).

Bike in Laz Paz, Argentina (Chris bringing the pain...).

Run in La Paz, Argentina (Chris delivering a second shipment of pain...to himself...in 95 degree heat...).

Podium in La Paz, Argentina (Chris making it rain...).

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